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Detached cottage with a large plot of land in a prime location near the center of the beautiful medieval village of Casale Marittimo

Casale Marittimo

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  • 浴: 1
  • m2: 42
  • 批量: 6000
  • 社区 : Pisa
  • 类型 : Detached house


This property is located in the charming municipality of Casale Marittimo, a gem nestled along the enchanting Etruscan Coast, in the heart of picturesque Tuscany.

It's a cottage, approximately 42 square meters in size, set on a plot of about 6000 square meters. This estate is a natural paradise enhanced by the presence of majestic olive trees in full production and various fruit trees, creating an atmosphere of serenity and connection to the land.

Furthermore, there's the possibility of expanding the construction or demolishing and rebuilding, up to 65 square meters of living space, in addition to a 19-square-meter veranda, a 22-square-meter solar greenhouse, a 10-square-meter utility room, and a spacious 30-square-meter garage/tavern, providing ample space to bring the visions and needs of future owners to life.

The location of this property is of immeasurable value, being adjacent to the beautiful medieval village of Casale Marittimo, a true jewel of the Etruscan Coast, where all the main services are available; just 15 minutes from the beautiful sandy beaches of the coast and not far from other renowned medieval villages in the area such as Bolgheri, Montescudaio, Volterra, Castagneto Carducci, or Campiglia Marittima.

Moreover, the proximity to the Etruscan Coast allows you to easily enjoy the magnificent beaches and crystal-clear waters, providing moments of pure relaxation and leisure.

This property represents a fusion of nature, possibilities, and authentic Tuscan life. It's an invitation to embark on a new lifestyle, where the timeless beauty of Tuscany becomes your everyday.