Provinz Grosseto

Costa & Campagna Real Estate di Costantino Sollecito is located in the splendid medieval village of Casale Marittimo, among the green Tuscan hills overlooking the Val di Cecina, from which you reach the sea. Real estate agency since March 2010, and which since its inception has distinguished itself from other agencies for its strong international vocation, developed through the constant search for customers and partners all over the world and participation in trade fairs and conventions. To date, it includes collaborations ranging from northern Europe to countries such as Germany, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Russia (in particular with companies operating in Moscow and St. Petersburg) - and in the States United States of America, with prestigious real estate companies based in New York.

"The need to offer oneself abroad arose from the goal of meeting new buyers and investors in dynamic and rapidly expanding countries and markets, who express a lively interest in the Tuscan and Italian landscape and culture". This was one of the main reasons for the choice to look at the opportunities beyond the Alps, offering a wide range of properties carefully selected for building quality, position, character, ranging from the gentle Colline Metallifere in the area between Siena, Pisa and Grosseto. , up to the coastal territories of the Livorno province.

The mission of the agency is, therefore, to assist the foreign and Italian client throughout the process of choosing and evaluating the real estate property, helping him to familiarize himself with people and to know the places of interest in the area, and also accompany him in the phases following the purchase, relating to the complex bureaucratic, fiscal and financial obligations associated with the acquisition of a property.

Thanks to its professional competence, international vocation, and mastery of English and other foreign languages, Costa & Campagna Real Estate aims to interpret and satisfy every need of the foreign client, also assisting him in the relationship and communication - if not

know Italian - with other subjects, such as public offices, banks, insurance companies. All using a consolidated network of reliable and high-level professionals: engineers, surveyors, architects, construction companies, companies operating in the home and home automation sectors.

The continuous search for collaborations and clients has allowed Costa & Campagna Real Estate to enter a large international circuit.