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Immobilien Referenz CS242

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Impressive Tuscany Castle

Fivizzano, Italien

Private Deal

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the Castle is located in top of a hill where dominate a medieval village, whose historic town has retained largely intact houses and buildings characteristically rural. The origins of the fortified settlement on the hill was related to the control of the transit center from medieval Europe reached Rome. According to some historians the location is listed in the oldest “European road atlas” in recorded history, known as Peutingeriana dating back to the early centuries of the Middle Ages. Historical studies show that the castle dates back to 1366. During the restoration work done in 2004, came to light a tomb containing the intact skeleton of a Knight of Thirteen hundred, killed by a shot to the throat to crossbows. The discovery has been studied by the scientific community and the reports are published on the websites of many universities and institutes of Forensic Medicine. The Castle now offers the possibility of staying in an old historic house in the impressive Tower which rises thirty feet above the ground, it is divided into nine large rooms with bath. There are other areas to finish renovation where there is the possibility to realize other rooms. The versatility of the Castle and its instrumental equipment and technology allow the holding of meetings, conferences, stages of study, as well as sumptuous convivial ceremonies, celebrations and commemorations. Wedding receptions, conventions, corporate dinners, anniversaries, business meetings and lunches, personalized, giving guests the charm of unforgettable moments spent in a unique setting, in the courtyards wide open to the sky or on the terraces or in the closed and crop heat of the ancient walls. Still in fact the property is ideal as accommodation for groups, is still committed to all the great chefs and sommeliers leading the catering company. The flavors of the Lunigiana, which offered specific nature of the local cuisine, meet the favor of not only the residents, but most of the many guests from every region of Italy and Europe and from around the world. The area of ​​the property is approximately 32ha and land are intended in part to semintivo, partly wooded and partly cultivated with orchards and olive groves. The area of ​​the castle is approximately 2500 square meters consists of a main residence, a consecrated church, halls, kitchens for catering, the tower is divided into 9 rooms with bathroom and other area of about 400 square meters to finish to renovate.

Energy Performance Certificate: G

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